The Shattered Crown

by Meg Cowley
The Shattered Crown (Books of Caledan #3) - Meg Cowley N/A

Is a foe ever truly unbeatable?

Caledan is caught in the middle of a warring dragon clan, and Soren is powerless to save his people, or stop the attacks, but worse is coming. The elementals are rising. If Caledan is not destroyed by dragon fire, it will be obliterated by the elementals’ ancient magic.

Soren despairs as the alliance between men, Eldarkind and dragons falls apart. Strife and fear are rampant, and his inability to stop the rebel dragon attacks undermines the peace he has worked so hard to secure.

As the rifts between the three races grow, Soren, the Eldarkind and the dragons must defeat the rebel dragons and rebuild their pact to have any chance of facing the greater threat of the elementals; for once they rise, it will be too late.

Soren faces the greatest tests of his rule so far, and it may cost everything he has; his home, his rule, and his life. Can the alliance be rebuilt, and the elementals vanquished forever?

Discover how the fast-paced epic fantasy trilogy ends in The Shattered Crown. If you liked The Lord of the Rings, The Inheritance Cycle, or the Books of Pellinor, then you’ll love the Books of Caledan series.

Also known as The Tainted Crown Book 3.

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Release date April 2017
Details updated December 22, 2022

Books of Caledan :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 4 total works.

The Tainted Crown (Books of Caledan #1) N/A
The Brooding Crown (Books of Caledan #2) N/A
The Shattered Crown (Books of Caledan #3) N/A
The First Crown N/A