Cursed Magic (Relic Guardians #3) by Meg Cowley, Victoria DeLuis 8.00   1

Fans of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones will enjoy this fast-paced urban fantasy adventure series filled with magic, action, and kick-ass characters.

What would you pay for the key to death?

Zoe and Jamie are in a race against time to recover Pandora’s Box before the unthinkable happens; it is sold to the highest bidder, and the apocalypse within is unleashed upon the world.

Zoe is furious to learn that Jamie Oxford has stolen Pandora’s Box, which she has only just recovered for safekeeping, from under MI5’s nose... and lost it. Determined to make him redeem himself for his mistake, she drags him across the world to track it down in the hands of the infamous Magicai Cleo and her team. They have an inside man, an Ordinary, clueless of the danger he is in; can he help them reach the box in time, without risking his own life?

As they struggle to keep up with Cleo and her shady business deals to sell the box for a fortune, a terrifying demonstration of the box’s power shows just how great the peril is. The stakes could not be higher, but Zoe and Jamie are too distracted by their own bickering to work effectively. Their chance to reclaim it is slipping away.

Can Zoe and Jamie avert humanity’s destruction and recover Pandora’s Box before it disappears forever?

Read Cursed Magic today for a page-turning adventure you cannot put down.


Also known as Ancient Magic Book 3.

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Release date August 2017
Details updated September 12, 2017

Relic Guardians

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