Rogue Magic - Meg Cowley, Victoria DeLuis

A short story.

Meet Jamie Oxford, wizard and magical relic hunter.

How much is the power to kill the world worth?

Jamie is sure that a magical relic in the hands of non-magical Ordinaries is not going to end well. When Pandora’s Box is discovered, he takes it upon himself to make sure it is protected as it ought to be – with magic.

His plan backfires spectacularly and Jamie finds himself on the run from the law, without the box, and completely isolated.

Pandora’s Box is gone, and Jamie can no longer be sure who is friend or enemy as he hunts for it before it falls into the wrong hands... hands that could open the box, unleash the powers within upon the world, and end humanity.

Can one rogue really stop that?

Fans of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones will enjoy this fast-paced urban fantasy adventure series filled with magic, action and kick-ass characters.

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Release date: June 2017
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy
Updated: February 04, 2022

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