Realm Breaker

by Laurie McKay
Release date: March 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

A prince must stop at nothing to protect his family...

Dark times are brewing in Asheville, North Carolina. Known to locals as the Land of Sky, Asheville goes by another name in Prince Caden's homeland of Razzon: the Land of Shadow, a place where the most vile villains are sent to live out their days as ordinary middle school teachers. But the villains are no longer content to stay trapped in Asheville.

Caden will do anything to protect his homeland. But to keep the villains from completing a mysterious four-part spell and breaking the barrier between realms, he must defeat the wicked lunch witch and the evil math tyrant-all while dealing with a foster mother who doesn't believe in magic and a pesky compliance curse that puts him in mortal peril for three days every month.

Protecting the barrier between the realms is no small task. Caden will need the help of his brave friends-and his special gift of speech to charm a ravenous Elderdragon. And if Caden and his allies can save his home, he might finally be able to return to it.

updated 2017-09-15

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