Metaphase (Starfarers #3) - Vonda N. McIntyre

With the ship still recovering from sabotage even as new mechanical problems arise, J.D. Sauvage and the first contact crew prepare to meet the reclusive alien squidmoth. Though civilized worlds have shunned them both, human and alien hope to find friendship in eachother.

Now, as the first contact team explores the fibrous tunnels of the small planetoid that houses the alien, an awesome secret waits inside. But before J.D. can discover what is is, she and the rest have a terrible decision to make: set course for Earth and return home as heroes - before they're stranded in space; or trust an offer from the bizarre and enigmatic squidmoth - before it dies.

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Release date: 1992
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 16, 2021

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