The Midnight Dunes

by Steven Kelliher
Release date: October 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Some say they never should have left. Others, that they should never go back.

For Talmir Caru, the world has left him little choice. With his people balanced on the knife-edge of a war beyond reckoning, the Captain of Hearth must brave the deserts of his ancestors to find the power left buried there - a power that could provide the Emberfolk their only hope should their wayward champions fail.

They say the Faey can hurt as easily as heal.

Iyana Ve'Ran, living legacy of the Faey Mother, is beginning to tap newly-discovered powers of her own. While her lost sister seeks to put an end to the War of Sages, Iyana just wants to put the world she loves back together again. But some things must be broken before they can mend.

They say only death waits beneath the sands.

Despite deep misgivings about returning to the Embers' ancestral home, Karin Reyna, First Runner of Last Lake, has sworn to keep his companions alive throughout their journey. In so doing, he will rediscover what made his a name for stories before their time.

updated 2017-10-30

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