The Swampling King

by Ben S. Dobson
Release date: February 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Ancient demons stir. War draws near. Salvation lies in an old prophecy — and an older curse.

Hungry demons roam the vast, sunless Swamp. To protect their people, swampling mages rely on a cursed blood magic that drives men mad. And for the crime of using it, the Storm Knights of the Nine Peaks hunt them relentlessly from sunlit mountain duchies, seeking to avenge a betrayal long past.

But something is stirring in the dark, and change is coming.

A warrior born to death and darkness, Zerill is willing to use whatever power she must to lead the swamplings into the light.

Reluctant heir to the throne of the Peaks, Prince Josen finds himself doubting the righteousness of an endless crusade.

In a time of chaos and confusion, the ambitious Duke Lenoden sees a chance to seize the influence he has long coveted.

Monstrous demons called Deeplings creep out of the mist at night, attacking in numbers unseen for centuries.

And from the unexplored reaches of the Swamp comes a boy with the eyes of an eagle, foretold by ancient prophecy, who may bring salvation — or doom.

The Swampling King is book one of The Windwalker Legacy, an epic fantasy of desperate times, dark magic, and terrifying monsters in the tradition of George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson.

updated 2017-10-07

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