Genius: The Revolution

by Leopoldo Gout
Release date: August 6, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, young adult, adventure

Three teen geniuses from diverse backgrounds must take down an online terrorist ring, rescue an imprisoned father, and prepare for their final showdown with a misguided mastermind in this third and final book in the Genius YA trilogy.

How do we stop him? We beat him at his own game.

Painted Wolf: Sixteen-year-old activist blogger whose father has been arrested and deported back to China. To free him and clear their name, she must retrieve files held by a dangerous group of online terrorists.

Rex: Sixteen-year-old Mexican-American programmer and hacker whose work was stolen by a corrupt CEO. Reunited with his brother, he must work from the shadows to stop this mastermind from using his programs to take control of the Internet.

Tunde: This fourteen-year-old engineering genius has saved his Nigerian village from a vicious warlord, but in the process has discovered that a much more dangerous and pervasive threat exists... one that effects not only his family and friends, but the entire world!

(updated 2018-08-06)

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