by Rob Boffard
Release date: June 4, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

In the far reaches of space, a group of tourists board a small vessel for what will be the trip of a lifetime - in more ways than one...

They are embarking on a tour around Sigma Station - a remote mining facility and luxury hotel with stunning views of the Horsehead Nebula.

During the course of the trip, a mysterious ship with devastating advanced technology attacks the Station. Their pilot's quick evasive action means that the tour group escape with their lives - but as the dust settles, they realize they may be the only survivors...

Adrift in outer space, out of contact with civilization, and on a vastly under-equipped ship, these passengers are out of their depth. Their chances of getting home are close to none, and with the threat of another attack looming they must act soon - or risk perishing in the endless void of space.

(updated 2018-06-04)

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