Sea Witch (Sea Witch #1) - Sarah Henning

Wicked meets The Little Mermaid in this thrilling YA fantasy debut that reimagines the origin story of the sea’s most iconic villainess.

Ever since her best friend, Anna, died, Evie has been an outcast in her small fishing town. Hiding her talents, mourning her loss, drowning in her guilt. Then a girl with an uncanny resemblance to Anna appears offshore, and the two girls catch the eyes of two charming princes. Suddenly, Evie feels like she might finally have a chance at her own happily ever after.

But her new friend harbors secrets of her own. She can’t stay in Havnestad, or on two legs, without Evie’s help. But when Evie reaches deep into the power of her magic to save her friend’s humanity — and her prince’s heart — she discovers, too late, what she’s bargained away.

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Release date: July 30, 2018
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: February 05, 2019

Sea Witch :: Series

Sea Witch (Sea Witch #1)
Sea Witch Rising (Sea Witch #2)