Heart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns, #1)
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Heart of Thorns

by Bree Barton
Release date: July 30, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Inventive and heart-racing, this fiercely feminist teen fantasy trilogy from debut author Bree Barton examines a dark kingdom in which only women can possess magic — and every woman is suspected of having it.

Mia Rose wants only one thing: revenge against the Gwyrach — feared, reviled, and magical women — who killed her mother. After years training under her father’s infamous Hunters, Mia is ready. She will scour the four kingdoms, find her mother’s murderer, and enact the Hunters’ Creed: heart for a heart, life for a life.

But when Mia is thrust into the last role she ever wanted — promised wife to the future king — she plots a daring escape. On her wedding night, Mia discovers something she never imagined: She may be a Huntress, but she’s also a Gwyrach. As the truth comes to light, Mia must untangle the secrets of her own past. Now if she wants to survive, Mia must learn to trust her heart... even if it kills her.

updated 2018-07-30

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