From Joel Ross, author of The Fog Diver, comes the sequel to his epic fantasy duology Beast & Crown. Ji and his friends must fight the evil Summer Queen while struggling with their new half-beast/half-human forms, seeking a way to unite both realms. And along the way they discover that maybe normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that freedom doesn’t always come exactly how you imagined it.

It’s hard to hide when you’ve become half dragon, and even harder when you’re a massive half troll who can toss thirty-pound rocks around like kumquats! Ji and his friends Roz, Sally, and Chibo have gone into hiding following the disastrous Diadem Rite, where they were transformed from humans into half beasts. It’s their hope that they will survive the epic journey to the Ice Witch to be restored to human shape again before they run out of time. But they know the evil Summer Queen’s soldiers are tracking them and fear that she is hot on their (at times abnormally large and fluffy) tails... With the help of goblins, ogres, trolls, and a few mermaids along the way, Ji and his band of unlikely heroes must save their world from being forever divided.

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Release date: August 2018
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy, young adult
Updated 2018-08-20