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by Tad Williams
Release date: January 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories

Though best known for his epic series, Tad Williams is also an accomplished practitioner of the short form. Rite: Short Work gives ample evidence of this, as it contains a knockout novella later expanded to novel-length (”Child of an Ancient City”), riffs on the great fantasist Michael Moorcock (”The Author at the End of Time,” “Go Ask Elric”), along with excursions into some of his most popular creations and beyond.

At over 125,000 words, Rite is essential for every Tad Williams fan and fantasy aficianado. Each tale features a full-page black-and-while illustration by Mark A. Nelson.

  • Why I Write What I Write (an essay)
  • Monsieur Vergalant's Canard
  • Follows-the-Wind: A Tale from the Book of Regret
  • Not With a Whimper, Either
  • Child of an Ancient City
  • Nonstop
  • Fish Between Friends
  • Z Is For...
  • Some Thoughts Re: Dark Destructor
  • The Scent of Trumpets, the Voices of Smoke
  • The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of
  • The Author at the End of Time
  • Go Ask Elric
  • The Writer's Child
  • Three Duets for Virgin and Nosehorn
  • The Happiest Dead Boy in the World
  • Rite
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Tad's first collection of short and non-fiction is not just a collection, but also a career retrospective. RITE includes material from a twenty-year career and is certainly a must-buy for any Tad Williams fan. The stories collected here can show a broader range of topics, styles, moods and themes than his long and complex novels, because Tad could experiment more within the confines of a small story, but some of Tad's classic themes are still there. In some stories Tad also pays hommage to ... (more)
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