On Borrowed Time (Women of the Willow Wood #2) - Lorraine Carey

Daniella Reyes is back.

She’s a badass warrior ready to take back what is already hers.

Once a wounded soul, she’s now a fearless gladiator rising up in the ranks of the Willow Wood Sisterhood to Guardian status. A new and dangerous mission will take her undercover to expose a most secretive and evil cult. She has to rescue one soul before she and her new charge become victims to a satanic ritual.

The stakes rise when she battles some extremely forceful male witches, but powerful deities have her back when she enters a forbidden zone into which few Sisters have feared to tread.

A mysterious man enters her life after she has taken a vow of chastity to allow her powers to peak, but there lies a strong and mysterious attraction between them. Can Daniella fight the temptation, or will she break down? Will Daniella be able to complete her final mission and return to New Mexico to be with her family before time runs out?

On Borrowed Time is a supernatural thriller ramped up with steamy love scenes, ancient magic from the goddesses, and nonstop action.

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Release date: October 2017
Genres: fantasy, thriller
Updated: October 22, 2017