Joyride - Patrick Ness, Guy Adams

‘So, you can just leap into other people’s bodies? Take them over? And while you’re in control, you can do whatever you want? Brilliant.’

Poppy is a quiet girl, right up until she steals a car and drives it through a shop window.

Max is a nice guy, but then he kills his whole family. Just for fun.

Amar always seems so happy, so why is he trying to jump to his death from the school roof?

Some of the students of Coal Hill School are not themselves. Some of them are dying. Ram has just woken up in a body he doesn't recognise, and if he doesn't figure out why he may well be next.

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Release date: October 2016
Genres: science fiction, young adult
Updated: October 28, 2017

Class :: Series

Belongs to the series Doctor Who

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