Masks of the Illuminati (Illuminati #2) - Robert Anton Wilson

One fateful evening in a suitably dark, beer-soaked Swiss rathskeller, a wild and obscure Irishman named James Joyce would become the drinking partner of an unknown physics professor called Albert Einstein. And on that same momentous night, Sir John Babcock, a terror-stricken young Englishman, would rush through the tavern door bringing a mystery that only the two most brilliant minds of the century could solve... or perhaps bringing only a figment of his imagination born of the paranoia of our times.

An outrageous, raunchy ride through the twists and turns of mind and space, Masks of the Illuminati runs amok with all our fondest conspiracy theories to show us the truth behind the laughter... and the laughter in the truth.

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Release date: 1981
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genres: fantasy, alternate history
Average rating: 4.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: October 30, 2017

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