Tales of the White Wolf
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Tales of the White Wolf

by Edward E. Kramer
Release date: 1994
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasydark fantasy + sword and sorcery, anthology

Edited by Edward K. Kramer.

This new collection depicts some of Elric of Melnibone's heretofore unknown adventures, including excursions into worlds created by other authors. Includes a new story by Moorcock in addition to stories by Neil Gaiman, Karl Edward Wagner, Tad Williams, Jody Lynn Nye, Nancy A. Collins and others.


Introduction (Tales of the White Wolf)
The White Wolf's Song
Go Ask Elric by Tad Williams
Now Cracks a Noble Heart by David M. Honigsberg
A Devil Unknown by Roland J. Green & Frieda A. Murray
Kingsfire by Richard Lee Byers
The Gate of Dreaming by Brad Strickland
The Littlest Stormbringer by Brad Linaweaver & William Alan Ritch
Providence by Kevin T. Stein
The Guardian at the Gate by Scott Ciencin
Celebration of Celene by Gary Gygax
The Song of Shaarilla by James S. Dorr
Too Few Years of Solitude by Stewart von Allman
White Wolf's Awakening by Paul W. Cashman
The Dragon's Heart by Nancy A. Collins
A Woman's Power by Doug Murray
The Gothic Touch by Karl Edward Wagner
The Soul of an Old Machine by Thomas E. Fuller
The White Child by Jody Lynn Nye
Temptations of Iron by Colin Greenland
The Other Sword by Robert Weinberg
Arioch's Gift by Charles Partington
The Trembler on the Axis by Peter Crowther & James Lovegrove
Beyond the Balance by Nancy Holder
One Life Furnished with Early Moorcock by Neil Gaiman

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