Toaff's Way

by Cynthia Voigt
Release date: August 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy, young adult

Meet Toaff: a lovable squirrel, and new standout character, searching for a place to call home in this gem of a story by a Newbery Medal-winning author.

Toaff is a small squirrel full of big questions. Why must I stay away from the human’s house? Why shouldn’t I go beyond the pine trees? Why do we fight with the red squirrels across the drive? His sister shrugs — that’s just the way things are. His brother bullies — because I said so. And the older squirrels scold — too many questions! Can Toaff really be the only one to wonder why?

When a winter storm separates him from his family, Toaff must make his own way in the world. It’s a world filled with danger — from foxes and hawks and cats to cars and chainsaws. But also filled with delight — the dizzying scent of apple blossoms, the silvery sound of singing, the joy of leaping so far you’re practically flying. Over the course of a year, Toaff will move into (and out of) many different dreys and dens, make some very surprising friends (and a few enemies), and begin to answer his biggest questions — what do I believe and where do I belong?

Master storyteller Cynthia Voigt offers readers a rich and rewarding story of finding one’s way in the world.

(updated 2018-08-06)

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