Eat, Slay, Luzt

by Jillian Stone
Release date: October 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, romance
Tags: zombies

Survival tip #1: When you're caught in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, get a badass partner.

The zombie apocalypse is on, and Lizzy Davis is determined to survive any way she can. As a surgeon, she's used to saving lives; not cutting into the basal ganglia to make sure the patient stays dead. When the refugee camp is overrun by zombie hordes, Lizzy manages to escape only to run into Black Hawk pilot Chris Oakley in the middle of the Syrian Desert.

Lizzy and Chris fight off zombie attacks as they make their way toward a joint military air base northeast of Kirkuk. Just one problem, they'll have to pass through the drone-patrolled DMZ - Dead Meat Zone. To get there, they form uneasy alliances with French-Arab commandos and a CIA black ops interrogator who is slowly rotting before their eyes.

Along the way, Lizzy and Chris manage to find time for each other - the sizzling red-hot lovemaking kind of time. And who knows? They might have a chance at love if they live long enough.

Warning: Features red hot to erotic love scenes and a few heartfelt moments!

updated 2017-12-04

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