Dragon Tamers 2: Digital Tempest (Dragon Tamers #2) - Emma Maree Urquhart

Darkness can never truly be destroyed...

The arrival of a rogue character to the Dragon Realms triggers the reactivation of an old story. It's characters reawaken, and the game plunges into chaos. In the midst of it all, one god attempts to destroy the Realms, while a princess from his past fights to stop him.

As worlds collide, she reaches out to the Dragon Realms, and makes contact – a contact with that world that could save it, but could also destroy it.

Her name is Opal, Princess of the Cat Folk, and she will do anything to make sure history doesn't repeat itself...

But the Dragon Tamers have problems of their own to deal with. A dark force is turning them against each other, manipulating their thoughts and actions - and it will only stop if blood is spilled...

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Release date: January 2005
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Tags: dragons
Updated: August 18, 2021

Dragon Tamers :: Series

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Dragon Tamers 2: Digital Tempest (Dragon Tamers #2)