Graduation Day (Schooled in Magic, #14)
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Graduation Day

by Christopher Nuttall
Release date: November 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Frieda is one of Emily’s closest friends, a young girl she saved from Mountaintop and brought back to Whitehall. But Frieda found herself the victim of a deadly soul-destroying plot - and the true target may well be Emily herself. Now, after Emily saved Frieda from a magician who was slowly driving her mad, Frieda stands accused of attempted murder - and worse. She must now stand trial for her crimes.

Worse, Fulvia - Matriarch of House Ashworth - has returned. Humiliated by Emily, years ago, Fulvia burns for revenge - and the chance to regain her lost power. Calling in favors from all over the world and rigging the trial against Frieda - and Emily - it looks as if her time is finally at hand. With no clear proof of Frieda’s innocence - and a jury that can be manipulated at will - Fulvia has all the leverage she needs to bring Emily to heel.

Gathering her friends around her, and calling in favors of her own, Emily must find a way to outwit a kangaroo court and save her friend from a fate worse than death, little realizing that Fulvia’s true target is Emily herself...

...And that Fulvia’s desperate quest for revenge will bring the entire world crashing down.

(updated 2017-12-18)

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