Operation Medusa

Glynn Stewart
science fiction > military science fiction + space opera
Operation Medusa (Castle Federation #6) - Glynn Stewart

A battered but undefeated Alliance
A war they cannot win by force
A plan to turn the tide of history!

For two years, the Castle Federation and the Alliance of Free Stars have stood against Marshal James Walkingstick of the Terran Commonwealth and his mission of conquest. Battles have been won and lost, worlds have died, and soldiers like Admiral Kyle Roberts have been forged on the anvil of war.

But the Alliance cannot win. The Commonwealth has more worlds, more ships, more soldiers. They claim their victory is inevitable. That history is on their side.

Refusing to accept the Commonwealth’s future, the Alliance embarks on a do-or-die mission to end the war in one strike. If Kyle Roberts’s plan works, the Commonwealth will break.

But if it fails the Alliance will be broken.

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Release date: December 2017
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction + space opera
Updated: December 18, 2017