Empties - Jay Caselberg

Chris was content with his suburban life, the college sweetheart he married, the work friends he socialized with. Everything seemed to be going to plan until Chris found the jogger comatose on the grass. When his wife, Stase, collapsed in a heap, two smiling men gathered her up and took her away. Stase returned changed somehow, given to bouts of anger she’d never expressed before.
Now Chris has a new purpose: find out what’s been done to his wife, and who the smiling men are. But these are secrets that don’t want to be found, and they’ll go to great lengths to stay hidden.

"Painful, powerful and haunting, Empties is a tour-de-force" - Lavie Tidhar

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Release date: October 2014
Genres: horrorpsychological horror
Updated: August 16, 2021