Heroes and Liars

by David Michael Williams
Release date: March 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy + sword and sorcery

When civil war escalates into a full-scale invasion of Capricon, every citizen’s loyalty is tested. Even as the Renegades and Knights at Fort Faith band together to oppose the foreign army, an unremarkable merchant from the capital gets caught up in a cryptic mission of great importance. Why his companions are so eager to reach a castle in the middle of nowhere is just one of many mysteries.

An old man with a twisted sense of honor, a strange girl with mismatched eyes, a highwayman who is less than he seems, and a Knight with incredible abilities — trusting the wrong person could be as fatal as a goblin’s spear. But will the truth prove more dangerous than the deception?

"Heroes and Liars" is the second volume of The Renegade Chronicles.

(updated 2018-01-11)

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