The Long Price Quartet - Daniel Abraham 9.00   1

An omnibus edition of The Long Price Quartet novels.

For the first time in one volume, the unforgettable epic fantasy series by Daniel Abraham, coauthor of The Expanse series

In a world of ancient empires and immortal magics, one man stands at the crossroads of history.

The aggressively expansionist Galt empire has already conquered lands across a huge continent. But the cities of the Khaiem resist Galt's power with the andat, creatures of magic with godlike powers. But magic and treacherous politics have brought a bitter harvest of violence and sorrow.

Otah Machi, caught between ancient wonders and a modern empire, has survived more than most men endure in two lifetimes. He is the fulcrum around which the wheels of epic history rotate through achingly poignant cycles of life and death, love and betrayal.

Now, when the world seems utterly lost, all depends on Otah, and the lost loves and found family he has desperately hoped to protect from the tragedy that beckons. If they can summon the courage and power to forgive and resist darkness, all their hopes could be salvaged — along with their world.

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Release date November 12, 2018
Details updated August 28, 2022

The Long Price (omnibus editions) :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 3 total works.

Main series The Long Price Quartet

Shadow and Betrayal (The Long Price (omnibus editions) #1) 7.00   6
Seasons of War (The Long Price (omnibus editions) #2) 9.50   4
The Long Price Quartet 9.00   1