Tales from Darkness

by Tiger Hebert
Release date: April 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, short stories

A collection of short stories set in the Beating Back the Darkness universe.

There is at least one thing that Aurion and Esaruul have in common...

The world of Aurion prepares for a new age in the aftermath of the Black Dragon's War. It is time for many things. Time for rebuilding. Time for prosperity. Time for peace.

But ill-tidings are stirring...

The bloodshed is increasing between the dwarven clans of Northern Antirri. The feared shapeshifting Vursa clans are thought to finally be uniting under one banner, a war banner. Warnings of a new conquering king are whispered upon the wind. Rumors of war spread throughout the Old World. It is a time for anything but peace...

The world of Esaruul has been taken at sword-point by the Reichardt Empire. Their ranks of human legionnaires have spilled blood across a great deal of the northern and western reaches of the known world, but the Emperor demands more. Rival kingdoms are too divided to stand in opposition, and find themselves at the mercy of the Empire. Rebellions have tried before and failed, but empire building comes with a heavy price — the price of blood. With new enemies being formed every day, the seedling of hope that is a new rebellion has begun to grow...

Tales from Darkness, the fourth installment in my Beating Back the Darkness series, is creeping closer! This foray into my beloved worlds takes readers, both familiar and new, on a wild ride through 10 different stories rife with espionage, betrayal, murder, and magical mayhem!

While Tales from Darkness takes place both sequentially and chronologically after The Halls of the Fallen King, it was written so that anyone could pick it up and read it at any point — even if you haven't read my work yet.

updated 2019-06-27

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