by Kenny Soward
Release date: December 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

A prequel.

Wield the code, or die by it.

Hacking is a way of life for Angie Roman. Small-time cybercrime lets her skim just enough dollars off the web to carve out a modest, if isolated, corner of existence. Angie has coffee, computers - everything she needs.

But evil haunts the cyber highway, and Angie is its target.

When dark hackers break into her computer, Angie is forced to engage in cybercrimes that go way beyond her usual petty thefts. The kind of crimes that could land her in jail for a long time. The kind of crimes that could get someone killed. And when Angie decides she wants out, the real monsters come to play. The kinds of beasts that shred flesh in the night.

Only an old street vagabond and the mysterious 'Alby' can aid Angie in uncovering the mystic tangle of the cyber highway. And only by learning a unique and dangerous magic can Angie begin to fight back.

The magic of code-x.

Addictively fast-paced and tense, Code-X is a supernatural cyber thriller that will leave you enthralled by the unimaginable darkness of cyberspace.

updated 2018-02-05

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