Blood Debts

by Shayne Silvers
Release date: November 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

Black Ops Wizard For Hire! When Things Go Bump In The Night, Nate and His Crew of Supernaturals Are On Call...

It’s Mardi Gras in St. Louis, but Nate Temple – plagued with horrifying night terrors of carnage and chaos that could qualify him as a card carrying psychopathic insomniac – is not celebrating. Instead, he’s been using those sleepless nights to try and get a grip on his sudden boost in magical power, the power that surged inside him following his parents’ murder – the power that abruptly made him the strongest wizard for hundreds of miles.

And that jump in power has only created a glaring void of jealousy in his wizard brethren, painting a nice fat target on his back. Still, desperate for answers regarding his parents’ murder – and the mysterious Pandora Protocol project they had gifted him – he finds himself risking everything to dish out vengeance against the monster that destroyed his family.

But will he succeed when the ruling body of wizards strips him of his powers, his allies desert him, the city itself fights to shut him and his billion dollar company down, and the heaviest of the Biblical big hitters threaten him to cease and desist his investigation before his Blood Debt ignites Armageddon? Nate soon realizes that he’s in the fog of war against a foe that has been playing chess while Nate has been playing checkers, and every supernatural nation is fighting to get their grubby claws on the mysterious Pandora Protocol.

Backed against a wall, it’s time for Nate Temple to realize who he is without his magic, his allies, or his money. And at the end of that road, only Death is waiting to greet him...

updated 2018-02-07

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