We are the ones who came after the comet. We survived the great wave that covered the world. We are the chosen.

The first in a breathtaking and unique series, packed with magic, prophecy, and a thrilling competition, for fans of Melinda Salisbury and Victoria Aveyard.

Aula and Joomia have been chosen to decide the fate of their people. On their eighteenth birthday, the girls will compete in a mysterious and dangerous trial to prevent a war between their two nations.

Now, with just a year left, Aula and Joomia must prepare. There's no time for friendship, no space for love. But how can you train for a deadly challenge you know nothing about?

Only one girl will claim Ariadnis's final prize. Only one will survive.

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Release date: February 2017
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy, young adult
Updated 2018-03-01