Red Hot Rain (Weather Warden, #10)
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Red Hot Rain

by Rachel Caine
Release date: April 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

Joanne is BACK in this brand new Weather Warden novel! With the world going to hell, she's the one who has to bring it all back. Again.

Coming Spring 2020

RED HOT RAIN starts a few years after the end of TOTAL ECLIPSE, in a world that seems to finally be settled. Mother Earth isn't mad at us. The Djinn have kissed and made up (sometimes literally) with the Wardens, and the two sides work together to solve whatever problems do arise. All good, right?


When Joanne Baldwin first hears about a freak monster storm that destroys the rebuilding community of Lubbock, Texas, she takes a personal trip to find out what's going on. Problem is, seems like it's exactly as it appears: a freak natural occurrence.

But when the same kind of storm tears a killer swath across the country to follow her home, and all her Warden powers can't put a dent in it, it's clear there's more to this storm front than physics. Soon, Joanne's embroiled in a deadly struggle against a mysterious, powerful opponent, and her husband David - most powerful of the Djinn - seems strangely unhelpful against whatever's coming for her. Even Lewis, her long-time friend and ally, now an otherworldly consort to Mother Earth herself, doesn't seem inclined (or able) to help. Someone's got the mother of all grudges against Joanne Baldwin, and they're coming at her hard.

And not just her. Joanne's not just fighting for her own life. It's coming for her son, too.

It'll be up to Joanne to save herself and her son from the storm that's coming for them... a storm that wants to erase Joanne Baldwin and everyone she loves from the face of the earth.

(updated 2019-05-24)

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