Born of Darkness

Lara Adrian
fantasy, romance > paranormal romance
Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy #1) - Lara Adrian

New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian introduces the first novel in the Hunter Legacy series, thrilling new vampire romances set in the darkly seductive Midnight Breed paranormal story world.

As a former assassin in the Hunter program, Asher is one of a small group of Gen One Breed vampires who survived the horrors of a madman’s laboratory and the cruelty of the training that made him one of the most lethal beings in existence. Now, twenty years after his escape from those hellish origins, Ash is a loner whose heart is as cold as his skills are lethal. But when a beautiful, secretive young woman on the run from dangerous enemies crosses his path in the middle of a dark night in the desert outside Las Vegas, Ash is drawn into a deadly game where trust can be an illusion and love may be the sharpest weapon of all.

Book 1 in a brand-new Midnight Breed spin-off series!

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Release date: March 27, 2018
Genres: fantasy, romanceparanormal romance
Updated: August 18, 2021

Hunter Legacy :: Series

Belongs to the series The Midnight Breed

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