Seven Devils

by Laura Lam, Elizabeth May
Release date: June 11, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

Seven Devils is a brilliantly gripping space opera - rebels, an evil empire, and more snappy dialogue than Firefly - for fans of Rogue One, Anne Leckie, and Becky Chambers. It's fast pacaed, furious, with a strong cast of women and a gripping world.

Eris and Clo are two resistance fighters for a rebel group, caught up in a battle to put a stop to the pitiless Tholosian Empire conquering planet after planet, ruling people via a mind-control programme called the Oracle. The rebels don't have the same resources as the Empire, but what they do have is Eris - or, Princess Discordia as she was once known, heir to the Empire, until she faked her own death and decided to dedicate her life to destroying her family. Clo despises Eris for who she was, but they are forced to team up when they find a ship containing three women - each of whom claims to have escaped from the Empire, with secret knowledge of how to bring it down. But can they trust them?

(updated 2018-10-09)

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