The Loosening Skin
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The Loosening Skin

by Aliya Whiteley
Release date: October 22, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, weird fiction

In a world where people shed their skin every seven years, it's just a fact of life that we will cast of all the attachments of our old life. With every moult we become a new person, and though we can discard the past, the skin remembers, brings it all back if we touch it. And when our loves are part of us, those memories of love can be bought, if you know the right people.

Introducing the new drug, Suscutin, that will prevent the moult. Now you can keep your skin forever. Now you never need to change who you are.

But it's not so simple for celebrity bodyguard Rose Allington, who suffers from a rare disease. Her moults come quickly, changing everything about her life, who she is, who she loves.

Meanwhile, her former client, superstar actor Max Black, is hooked on Suscutin, because he knows moulting could lose him everything. When one of his skins is stolen, and the theft is an inside job, he needs the best who ever worked for him on the job - even if she's no longer the same person.

Because Max has a film to make about the Stuck Six, the world famous sextet of lovers, who share a perfect life. The Six have trusted him to tell the love story that captivated the world.

The Loosening Skin peels away the layers of these stories, exploring our definitions of love, sex and friendship, and what it means to grow, and change.

updated 2018-10-23

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