Hour of the Huntress

by Dave Gross
Hour of the Huntress by Dave Gross 8.00   1

Jenny Barnes never guessed that she would be returning to America so soon, or under such circumstances. Arkham, Massachusetts, is a far cry from Paris, but when her sister’s regular correspondence became increasingly deranged before stopping entirely, Jenny could not shake the feeling that something terrible had happened to her.

As Jenny begins the search for her sister, she quickly realizes that Isabelle is not the only girl in Arkham to have gone missing. How might the disappearances be connected? And why do the flyers for the local harvest festival depict the face on a medallion Jenny sent her sister?

Isabelle’s trail leads Jenny from jazz-filled speakeasies to the famed Miskatonic University. She must seek out allies from among the strange and secretive citizens of Arkham or risk losing her sister forever.

Category: Horror

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Release date October 2017
Details updated March 9, 2018

Arkham Horror

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