Traitors (Hotbloods #5) by Bella Forrest 8.00   1

"And here I was, stuck in the middle of it all..."

Two savage queens at war. A rebel faction out for blood. An elixir that could end it all.

As traitors to all parties, Navan and Riley are walking on eggshells. Riley cannot afford to be discovered in Gianne's queendom, while Navan is stuck on Brisha's side. They must stop both queens from discovering the immortality elixir at all costs - but in the midst of a war, even finding each other again is a deadly challenge.

Riley had better hope for luck... because she's going to need it.

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Release date April 15, 2018
Details updated April 15, 2018


Series contains 8 primary works and has 8 total works.

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