A Dark and Wicked Night (The Dark Heart Chronicles #3) - Merrie Destefano

One wicked night. One blast from a silver horn. Then the Wild Hunt begins as the Faery King summons all the dead to rise from their graves and join him.

Their ghostly caravan sails through night skies where — against their will — Katrina, Dead William, and Adelle are forced to join in. But everything has been different since the Faery King kissed Katrina — she’s now made of flesh and blood, and her ears have grown as long as a faery’s ears. On top of that, she can now cast magic spells, something she could never do before.

Why would the King give her so much power? He’s definitely planning something dark and wicked, and Katrina doesn’t have time to figure out what.

Because he might be grooming her to be his next Queen.

But his queens don’t last very long. Something mysterious and horrible happens to each one, and then they are never seen again.

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Release date: February 2018
Genres: fantasy
Updated: March 23, 2018