The Dark Heart Boxed Set - Merrie Destefano

Dark. Twisted. Addictive. One girl battles the dark world of the Afterlife, her fate forever linked to the boy who murdered her.


“This is a beautifully written, haunting short story. It definitely left me wanting more. I will for sure be looking for more from Merrie, as I really enjoy her writing style."

"I love that we get two kinds of horror here; there's the visual imagery of decomposing corpses and then there's that lovely side of psychological horror..."

"Absolutely delicious and devious."

"Destefano's writing lends itself perfectly for this sort of story: atmospheric and disturbing."

"Instantly got caught up again in the dark beauty of the Dead Man's Wood, and the tale of death and forgiveness... it's truly haunting!"

Boxed Set Description:
Book 1: A Dark And Twisted Heart
Katrina is so beautiful, she's almost perfect. She only has two flaws. She's possessive. And she's dead.

Book 2: A Long and Wild Hunt
Trapped in a cursed forest with the boyfriend who murdered her wasn't how Katrina planned to spend the Afterlife. She might be a ghoul and hell-bent on revenge, but that doesn't mean she has to be miserable. Or does it?

Book 3: A Dark And Wicked Night
One wicked night. One blast from a silver horn. Then the Wild Hunt begins as the Faery King summons all the dead to rise from their graves and join him.

Book 4: A Long And Wretched Curse
Girlfriend. Victim. Ghost. Katrina has been all of these things. Now, the Faery King wants her to become his Queen. But she’s seen what the King does when a ghost disobeys him. He turns the ghost to ash and erases him from existence.

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Release date: February 2018
Genres: fantasy, collection
Updated: March 23, 2018