Caged Glass (Living Dead Girl #3) - Susan Sizemore

A novella.

Sera has a fascinating family. Her father is a rock star. Her brother is a manga artist. And, despite being dead, Sera's mother is determined to take over the world, or at least destroy it. Sera would rather be running a restaurant instead of ghost hunting with her partners, Devan and Tony. But Mom is out there and has to be stopped.

But defeating the powerful ghost of her mother with traditional methods proves impossible using traditional methods, Serafina Raider discovers that to fight magic she has to learn to use magic. Sera must put her trust in a pair of witches who are also the grandparents who abandoned her when she was a baby. Trust doesn't come easily but the need to protect those she loves, along with dire threats concerning her own future from the forces of Heaven push Sera to do whatever she must.

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Release date: September 2015
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy
Updated: March 25, 2018