The Heel

Brendan Connell
fantasy, crime fiction, mainstream
The Heel - Brendan Connell

New Mexico, 1974. Mitch Mazzola is just trying to make a living. Dealing in Native American artifacts seems like an easy way to do this — but so have lots of other things before: selling typewriter ribbons, Bibles, shoes, and Sweet Dart Cosmetics. It just goes to show — just because a fellow’s lucky with the ladies, it doesn’t mean he’s lucky in lucre. But maybe that’s all about to change. Fifty thousand dollars in a brown paper bag says it might — as long as things don’t go wrong.

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Release date: October 2017
Publisher: Snuggly Books
Genres: fantasy, crime fiction, mainstream
Average rating: 9.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: April 02, 2018