The Sister Paradox

by Jack Campbell
The Sister Paradox - Jack Campbell N/A

Liam is his parents' only child, and that's just fine with him.

Until the day the sister-he-never-had shows up at school.

Just to make it worse, the sword-wielding Kari tells him they have an important quest to complete.

And that's how Liam finds himself dragged into another world, facing basilisks and unicorns, cursed objects, elves, and even a dragon, all magical and dangerous, but none more so than the sister he didn't have until that morning. A sister who turns out to be quite good with her sword, and ready to use it when faced with things like a dragon as long as her brother is at her side.

Liam begins to realize two things: it's going to be a very long day, and having a sister can be weird.

But most unsettling of all, he's not sure he minds...

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Release date December 2016
Details updated September 5, 2022
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