Destiny of Dragons

by Jack Campbell
Destiny of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons #3) - Jack Campbell N/A

Published as an audiobook in January 2018.

In the thrilling conclusion to the Legacy of Dragons trilogy, ancient weapons of mass destruction lie hidden under the city of Pacta Servanda. Remnants of the Great Guilds and rebellious factions of the Empire want to seize those weapons to allow them to regain control of the world of Dematr. Only Jason, brought by the first ship from Earth since the colony failed, might be able to disarm the threat. But he also might know how to employ those weapons, making him a danger for all sides.

Standing between those threats is Kira of Dematr. But Kira, who inexplicably has been able to manifest Mage powers as well as technical skills, finds herself being consumed by the mental conflicts between those powers and skills. As rogue Mechanics, Mages, and mercenaries attack with every weapon at their disposal, Kira suffers more blackouts and begins to lose her mind. The fate of her world rests on whether she can stay alive and find answers in time to problems that no one else has ever confronted.

Also known as Daughter of Dragons Book 3.

Category: Fantasy Steampunk

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Release date January 2018
Details updated December 15, 2022

The Legacy of Dragons :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Main series The Pillars of Reality

Daughter of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons #1) N/A
Blood of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons #2) N/A
Destiny of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons #3) N/A