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by Damian Dibben
Release date: March 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy + historical fantasy

A winter’s night, Venice, 1815. A 217-year-old dog is searching for his lost master.

So begins the journey of Tomorrow, a dog who must travel through the courts and battlefields of Europe — and through the centuries — in search of the man who granted him immortality. His adventures take him to the London Frost Fair, the strange court of King Charles I, the wars of the Spanish succession, Versailles, the golden age of Amsterdam and to nineteenth-century Venice.

His is a story of loyalty and determination, as Tomorrow befriends both animals and humans, falls in love (only once), marvels at the human ability to make music, despairs at their capacity for war and gains insight into both the strength and frailties of the human spirit. But Tomorrow’s journey is also a race against time. Danger stalks his path, and in the shadows lurks an old enemy. Tomorrow must find his master before their pursuer can reach him and his master disappears forever.

A spellbinding story of hope in the face of despair, Tomorrow draws us into a century-spanning tale of humanity and the unbreakable bond between two souls. After all, what is lost can surely be found...

(updated 2018-04-10)

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