Warriors: The Untold Stories

by Erin Hunter
Warriors: The Untold Stories - Erin Hunter 8.00   13

Which cat saved Hollyleaf after she raced away from ThunderClan into the collapsing tunnels?

Why did Mistystar threaten to force Mothwing to step down as RiverClan's medicine cat?

How did Cloudstar try to save SkyClan as Twolegs were encroaching on its territory?

Discover the secrets behind some of the most mysterious Warriors moments in these three thrilling tales - together in print for the first time!

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Release date July 2013
Details updated March 28, 2023

Warriors Novella :: Series

Series contains 4 total works.

Main series Warriors

Warriors: The Untold Stories 8.00   13
Warriors: Tales from the Clans 8.28   7
Warriors: Shadows of the Clans N/A
Warriors: Legends of the Clans N/A

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