Warriors: Legends of the Clans

by Erin Hunter
Release date: April 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy, short stories, young adult
Tags: cats

Three novellas featuring the cats of Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warrior series — available only in this collection! In Warriors: Legends of the Clans, experience three stand-alone, never before published adventures from the Warriors world:

Spottedleaf’s Heart: Young apprentice Spottedpaw is determined to become a warrior... until she realizes that to save her Clan, she must become its next medicine cat.

Pinestar’s Choice: Discover what drove Pinestar, once leader of ThunderClan, to abandon the warrior code, betray his Clan, and become a kittypet.

Thunderstar’s Echo: In the earliest days of ThunderClan, its first leader faces down a new threat — and forges a new tradition for all the warrior Clans.

(updated 2018-04-10)

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