by Elizabeth Vaughan
Release date: April 23, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, romance

The magic has come back to the Plains. The Warrior Priests are no more. The traditions are changing — too quickly for some.

Joden has only ever wanted to be a Singer, to know all of the songs. When the time comes for his Trials, he is challenged to take the old paths — and it ends in disaster. But his broken heart and broken body are found by Amyu... and she knows what it is to live with pain.

Amyu should have gone to the snows long ago, but instead chose to live in shame. Cast out of her tribe, she now serves Queen Xylara and the Kingdom of Xy. Her new mission is to find the key to defeating the wyverns who attack from the sky — but can a girl from the Plains control beasts who soar in the air?

She knows that Joden has been brought to her by the winds, and they do what they will. Their love is forbidden by the Plains, and their dreams pull them in different directions — but together they heal each other. If only they could heal their people, who are struggling with the ultimate goal:

Who will be WarKing?

(updated 2018-04-23)

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