The Forever War

by Raymond L. Weil
Release date: June 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

From USA Today Best Selling Author Raymond L. Weil comes the fourth book in the Star Cross series.

The Vorn have returned with a massive fleet and are once more harvesting the intelligent worlds of the galaxy for food. Every fleet placed in front of them has been annihilated by the Vorn’s superior weapons. The Vorn seem unstoppable as they harvest world after world.

Lakiam Fleet Commodore Dreen is faced with a dilemma. Commit his forces to defending worlds far away from Lakiam or allow the Vorn to destroy much of the civilized galaxy.

In an act of desperation, Fleet Admiral Kurt Vickers sets out once more on a dangerous mission. One that if successful could cause the Vorn to break off their attacks and leave the galaxy. If he fails, he will never see home again.

updated 2018-04-19

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