The Originator Wars: Conflict Unending (The Originator Wars)

@ Raymond L. Weil (science fictionspace opera)

From USA Today Best Selling Author Raymond L. Weil comes the third and final book in the Originator Wars series.

The Eternals continue with their plans to conquer Originator space. Huge warfleets are sent to isolate the Dyson Spheres and force the Originators to surrender. Massive space battles erupt across Eternal and Originator space as Fleet Admiral Jeremy Strong commits his forces to push the Eternals back.

Across the Dyson Spheres, the search continues for sleeping Originators who can be awoken from stasis to aid in the expanding war. The Eternals are convinced they are the most intelligent and powerful race in the universe and should rule. All that stands in their way are the few surviving Originators and Fleet Admiral Jeremy Strong.

The battles grow bigger and become more desperate as the Eternals commit more and more ships to the conflict. Finally, in a hidden Originator stasis facility, a secret is found that just might be able to stop the Eternals. Can Fleet Admiral Jeremy Strong bring the war to an end or is it destined to last for eternity?

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Release date: December 2017
Genres: science fiction > space opera
Updated 2018-04-19