The Wing Collector

by Kristi Helvig
Release date: January 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Hide... or be hunted.

When a pair of faerie wings fetch big bucks online, 17-yo Lila Kincade realizes her kind aren’t just oppressed; they’re hunted.

Due to prejudice and hostility by humans, half-human/half-faerie Lila lives in a world where faeries are required to register with the government and bind their wings in order to look like everyone else. Her fear of being discovered results in a pathetic social life and unfashionable clothing options — fitted tops just don’t provide adequate wing coverage.

Lila is haunted by repetitive dreams involving a shack in the woods, and when photos of dismembered wings appear in her school locker, she soon realizes that she is the killer’s prime target. As faerie corpses pile up around her, Lila embarks on a mission to save her race from extinction. She must figure out who she can trust and stop the killer before she — and all faeries — are obliterated forever.

Kristi Helvig is the best-selling author of BURN OUT, which Kirkus Reviews called “a scorching series opener not to be missed.”

(updated 2018-05-09)

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