The Church of Accelerated Redemption

by Aliette de Bodard, Gareth L. Powell
The Church of Accelerated Redemption - Aliette de Bodard, Gareth L. Powell N/A

A novella.

Installing a network for the Church of Accelerated Redemption is just another crappy job in a series of crappy jobs for Lisa, an American engineer stuck doing menial work in Paris. That the Church uses artificial intelligences to power its never-ending prayer machines doesn't interest her at all: they're paying, and she needs enough money to survive in an increasingly crumbling world. Until a demonstration outside the Church's headquarters, and the appearance of Stéphane, an enigmatic man Lisa finds herself powerfully drawn to. What lies beneath his headscarf, why is he so interested in the Church - and how far will she be willing to go in order to earn his trust?

Aliette de Bodard, winner of the Nebula, Locus and BSFA Awards, teams up with BSFA Award-winner Gareth L. Powell to present an uplifting short story of machines and humans, of intense emotions and cutting-age technology culled from tomorrow’s headlines.

“Full of character and wit” - Zone SF
"Wonderful and full of promise.” - SF Revu

Release date May 2018

Details updated August 1, 2022

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