Edge of Light - Robert Silverberg

In one volume: five of Robert Silverberg's best novels and some of the best sf writing of the last 25 years.

A TIME OF CHANGES The autobiography of Kinnall Darival, Prince of Salla on the planet Borthan – where the very words ‘I’ and ‘me’ are obscenities and the concept of ‘autobiography’ is unthinkable. Fool or messiah, Kinnall travels a dangerous road.

DOWNWARD TO THE EARTH An Earthman’s quest for enlightenment on a paradisical alien world passes through a Heart of Darkness before the meaning of life is vouchsafed to him.

THE SECOND TRIP When he went into the Rehab Center he was Nat Hamlin, famous sculptor convicted of heinous crimes. After four years he emerges as Paul Macy, a new man. But when Paul Macy catches sight of Lissa on the street, it’s Nat who responds… two men live in one body.

DYING INSIDE David Selig’s early promise as a scholar is unrealised, but, inside, Selig has the power of a god, for he can probe other people’s minds. Until the onset of middle age kills his power, and Selig must accept that he is dying inside.

NIGHTWINGS The massed arrival of alien starships throws the ancient city of Roum into turmoil. The glittering city of Perris offers temporary refuge, but a final pilgrimage, to the holy city of Jorslem, holds the key to a new cycle of human existence.

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Release date: 1998
Genres: science fiction, collection
Updated: August 22, 2021